Conscience and Unconsciousness.

Conscience and unconsciousness a topic which I approach gently, without knowledge, I know that the key of the life this mask behind this word which “unconsciousness” is. Unconsciousness is creation the chance, the conscience is the realization of the state of unconsciousness. Unconsciousness is our close programming to be made, to make love, to breathe, but it is mechanical unconsciousness. That which enables us to live to reproduce. The conscience is this party which returns tale of our condition to us. To take pleasure to make love like-Ci or like-that, with him or it. Unconsciousness be this awkward gesture which will each time change the routine into single moment. The conscience will be the not chromosomal memory personnel which will give us the idea to retain the gesture and to reproduce it like reproducing this first pleasure. It also will enable us to modify it to make it evolve/move until the ultimate gesture, that of the maximum pleasure. I take this example of the love because the this oldest act of survival which there exists. It is not killed its next one, that is the second that of those which does not like. Creation is an act of the unconsciousness which leaves towards the conscience, to reproduce creation. Art is the science which allows arrived according to a technique elaborate arrived a result more in nearer to our will. The abstraction is the resultant of the synthetisation of art known for saying that we have do everything the conscious one today then if I think as that I would have stop my creation immediately, I am not nothing after the abstraction. But expensive me it is a new question about creation a new enigma, which is the point before the final point, In the history of art all it am any harmony, comma after comma, and a pair of illuminated avant-gardist decided to put one defies, one moreover. Which of challenge, to say to us here when we make art, to say to us questioned you on you? It gives us a question mark, it says to us which summons us? It speaks about single idea, the conscience current is `it? A single idea… And these people whom play of the brush with trace of our impressionists, of other in the fauvism, still of other at the new realistic ones… More still and more still of nostalgic. Of movement of another time. Our unconsciousness led us to the abstraction, and our conscience resigns us for some among us to appreciating movements more more figurative. The question we disturb you it, the unknown factor we make you it fear. The fear distresses our sommeilles waked up. My conscience raises this question, which is currently art, a movement dominating. My knowledge gives me two answers: The nostalgic ones which rests already seen involved by the admirors already forged by the study of the history of art and known, it this gives them this tireless taste of savours of the good kitchen, of the receipts odorous and in love. The interrogative ones, the researchers, the contemporaries, those who creates in the movement in the tendency, those which gives the one time name, they are the interrogative deductive ones, of the researcher discoverer, inventors, they uses the tool of abstraction for this even finding them. Then the abstraction is not right a point the one period end because, it A make just as all the other movements. It gives the beginning of the continuation. There is them forms it, the full one, the vacuum, the ideas, the single idea, the continuation the trace always the trace plus against form perhaps, the color which absorbs the others.

There summons us at the time of the anti matter, under nap at time that we do not look at any more of with dimensions sun, but that of the holes black, as our future which is not any more the search of the light one it had we excelled. Us part of prehistory summons, at the time of the century of the lights, the man notes that it of it is close. The next century it to create electricity, that according to fixed matter. And noted at the end of twentieth that it it with something of even denser. The sun noticed we it at the age of reason. We have to recreate it at the age of adolescence. The sun is at eight minutes of our ground speed light. Antimatters to a several thousand of year light. The conscience is light like the sun which flash the texts writes by our old. The conscience is the visible one, the study. Unconsciousness was front there, as the holes black which was there before the sun. The sun results from the black hole. The conscience results from unconsciousness. The conscience exists in any alive being, I learned with my dog its name, my is not programmed to live with us the men. It can even recognize to him and learn from the things. I am suddenly transpierced reality which nothing summons us, I suddenly reduced to think that the life is transitory, I in the conscious idea of am given a difference to my life. I am not an animal to equip with same the characteristic, to live, know to like. The animal is to also make art him, it makes the parade in love for example. Certain monkey uses a stone to collect food. The animal it is him also to communicate, it sings, speaks. But it cannot make the retranscription of the conscience in time it does not know it the history. Who on our premises started well before this date used of the invention of the writing. The writing was not to invent, it is the result of the study of the drawing by its synthetisation, some share the opposite way of the representational art towards the abstract art, effect the history was invented since the man knows drawn, since the man became aware of the trace which leaves behind him. Since it A could retranscribe an idea and expressed this idea in manner that it can be included/understood in the same way that him even wanted it at the beginning. The drawings, the sculpture in art are the trace conscious of the first men. It is true that the writing in the perfection in the retranscription of the ideas. The writing and nevertheless the simplest means for the initiates.