Why creation?

Creation always starts with the destruction of another entity and even of several, for their replannings, this one can appear and to be useless when one starts from a thing finished for only outlining the new idea. Then one can speak about anti-creation, destruction. The error of the man it is that it always believes, that it created when that comes from him, but very often that was already made, or it just destroyed a balance. Famous premises of creation I them with the monkey - the age of reason, 7 years expensive the man who rocks towards adolescence 14 years but at this age our passion for the creation is right the beginning of the destruction which starts with the rejection of is or of these parents - Our rebuilding is not carried out only at the time of the passage at the adulthood. The wise age… We thus create appartire of vacuum and full, matter and antimatter. When one creates, one destroys, one detrui by improving an idea a consepte, there is a change of tone of rhytme, of prospect. Create and destroys it is the same thing one go cheché the matter or one deposits it, the direct size is the destruction of the block of stone to make a scuplture of it