The matter & Technique

In front of the complexity of each materials I had to learn how to control it. I am an autodidact, which enabled me to evolve/move with the development: Of a direction of the observation which brings an answer to all our questions allows training of the elements; The measurement of the directions on the matter is the study of it even, it is necessary to listen to it, the sound of the tool on its body is instructive, to touch it, feel it, play with the directions and still the directions. With each realization, I learn there is always to learn, not a day without. The use: Wood; Stone; Plastic; Metal; Resin; is according to what one has to carry out. From where one will be exposed the sculpture. All that can pay the attention of a human transformation with all the techniques thinkable and conceivable attracts me. Of nothing, to make a volume, to give him a figure, a texture, an emotion. Feeling of cold, or heat impassions me. The matter is very important, it is each time necessary to use the good matter, which is appropriate to emphasize the idea. For example: To make an eagle with the spread wings is realizable only out of wood or resin. One can do it out of stone, but time, the technique, necessary must be controlled and after the realization the sculpture takes life. The person who with the sculpture must make the provisions necessary for her conservation. The factor of destruction is very probable. It is the character eternal which justifies me, to have carried out a work which will travel in time. A message of the life on ground, a trace of our civilization and also of the existence of the characters represented, like animals for certain in way distinction. I try to retranscribe the existence on models in three dimensions. The exploitation of the technique of the direct size the stone my first support durable, it was there, in front of me, a few times passed, well six months so that I launch out in another who was a failure, I had broken the feet of the first during the design, there I broke the ear to him, the nose, it was a portrait of an imaginary boxer. A scoutor successful, and a continuation of sculpture on stone which forged my training. Then I was given momentarily in wood, following a stone shortage, hé yes! I had exhausted the stock of falls which lasted me well four to five years. And even I remember the last work carried out with this stock: Was the church of Chézy on Marne, the one period end. Then I launched out in a sculpture of size: the child and the cock, realized in fair Oak a splendid wood, two months of intermittent work. The interest of wood it is that that does not break and the less weight compared to the stone, therefore a transport facilitated for the exposures, this support is ideal to undertake sculptures with human size metal came to me by research from alliance from three elements I wanted to link them for compositions like “Genesis”, “the Prisoner” the goal is to keep the authenticity of the first vision of what seems to be true. One can rock towards the expression reverses what is felt. It is important to control its creative bulimia not all to burn in the first moments of the outline, to move back to the maximum this feeling of already considering bringing the emotion to the dislike. What pushes to sign work without to have had the pleasure of a work which connects the will and the result. It is only the interior expression of oneself marked in the universe of the vision and the touch. The sculpture is one of the only artistic expressions most complete which is. It is a crowd of operations of desires, love, desire, melancholy. For each work one has, I believe a crowd of feelings which are spread out along creation, which comes us handle more one advances more the steps under heavy and difficult. Our heart this load of the experiment of the life, it is us, which one made, which one crossed. Our work is the reflection of the heart, it is the image of the conscience, the message with the others the personal feeling of its unconsciousness.