Project: "The Essence of the Work "

Deconstruction deconstruction art has lost its soul , "the work of nothing" is selling under contract at exorbitant prices ... Makes consumerist art subtracted what he has more important exchange, sharing its persistence .

A work is divided into three inseparable dimensions:

-The envelope is the part material , the medium .

-The soul , the spirit not build the intuition of the artist, it is through the work present in each part.

-The aura , the radiation what attracts us , calls , as soon as you see it for the first time . It penetrates us, reflected in the amateur.

Without these three elements , the work is not art .

Art is the transmission of a philosophical intelligence through a work, it is material to question , reflect. The work I propose is a series of sculptures.

Phase 1: "The souls States. "

Bridging the gap between the work and be creative, use the envelope Humainehabitée emotions to convey to us. Highlight the most secret from us, our creative identities all different.

Defining the conceptual architecture :

The spirit , the soul , thinking , thinking, this is the state that there was deep in his work philosophy ... Materialized by light.

The envelope , real support, material is translucent resin , colored according to the emotion, the vibration. His stature , gestures are frozen for eternity is an additional message.

Radiation , the aura , the basic message filtered by matter, the body, comes to us and penetrates us in turn, creates the afterglow of the work.


The sculptures will represent each psychological state of the human being, the combination of gestures, colors and light effects are the most direct support with the invisible reality.

Stature, figure , posture, muscle contraction , the closer you get to work and she tells us .

The wedding colors gives the link to the pictorial art , an explanation of their uses, balances ( fullness ) and imbalance (stress) . See : Annex color chart .

Light, its emission varies with intensity of emotion shown by the power of the flow and concentration, heartbeat , intermittency , color change, constant renewal , interior fluctuation beamlines that are a symbol of energy , producing different external radiation.

They are androgynous no woman, or no man in order to call on bio- ethics , formatting human appearance , they open on the universality of the message.

"The soul has no sex. "

See Appendix - Declination moods - prepared study.

Purpose and perspective :

Realize the door of the soul and of the work.

- Bridging the gap between abstract and figurative sculpture color image emotions.

- Understood transcendence of all with the use of light output.

- Afterglow unconscious impact on the visitor's mind , changing attitudes.

Why use materials of the latest technology :

- Show with mixed resin to the email sculpture is a contemporary medium.

Phase 2:

Subject of a future project : Following applied to "the natural state ", combine the established rules , materials with new processes, use of concrete , mechanical, PLC , film screenings , inside .

Using the realization of the " core states " in relation to the involvement of the male role in the preservation of nature.

Conclusion :

The " Essence of the Work " explains contemporary art all confused , instead all the artists at the forefront . It is part of our time with his questions on bridged through key unconscious and duration by his heir synthesis of art history .

" Where is the man in the art in the early 21th century? "


"Where is the animal condition and conditioned by the human kind ? "